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These days, our society is interlinked with the latest technology, and it is almost impossible to exist without it. Along with technology's several benefits, it also causes problems and issues. Therefore, technical support is needed to solve these issues and make technology more accessible to users.

Creating a technology support team is more challenging than simply choosing people because these teams play an essential role in the success and reputation of the company. These personals create the first and last impression of the company in the eyes of the customer. They have the massive responsibility of listening to and satisfying the customers so that they create a positive image of the company and its products. Therefore, it is essential to build an effective technical support team.

Building Effective Technical Support Teams Technical support teams are vital in the current scenario but can only be effective if carefully designed. According to Moreira (2003), effective teams can do jobs quickly and with fewer mistakes, ultimately enhancing productivity, increasing loyalty, and increasing employee retention. It is the responsibility of the IT manager to build the support team.


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